Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bay Tree Nurseries

I have this master plan which involves me selling photos of flowers in a flower shop. To this end I took a road trip to Bay Tree Nurseries on Sunday. I figured the best flowers would be at a garden centre. It was shut. So I parked up the car outside and took a trip round the car park with my camera. This is one of my efforts. I think I should have mounted my camera on a mini tripod. Whatever it's not a bad image. Pity the sky isn't blue though. Now if you want to see some seriously good photos you'd do a lot worse than to go HERE It's my friend Mark Gammons website. I bow to his superior technical ability. Is that enough of a plug Mark? The first round is on you.

Meanwhile the owner of the nightclub where I took the photos last week came to see me to check out the results. He's impressed and has contracted me to continue doing the same thing. Meanwhile a city centre theme bar has asked me to photo shoot an all day music event, I spend an hour (or less) taking pics rush home put them all on a CD and return to the pub where they'll project the photos onto a giant screen. It should be fun.

Meanwhile Del, my best friend, is working on a presentation involving Freud and child sexual development. Life doesn't get much better. Well of course it can but you know what I'm saying...

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