Monday, June 12, 2006

Catching your death

I don't care what anyone says this is Melody and she's lovely. If it wasn't so hot last Saturday night I'd have been telling her to wrap up warm before she catches her death of cold. Youngsters eh?

Now here's another thing over on my other website, the one I run for "The Unity Club", I'm doing a myspace of the day feature, where people send in their suggestions for myspace of the day and I put it up so everyone can share in the latest music discoveries. The problem is even with up to 100 hits a day no one gives me any suggestions. When I speak to them in person they say it's a great idea and they'll email me. But they're too lazy.

So I know some of you lovely people are really into this sort of stuff so if you've any myspace dicoveries you want to share let me know. Also any bands that are good who might need a venue to play at let me know as well. Posted by Picasa


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