Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New opportunities

Tonight I got an Email from "Unsigned" magazine. I am now their official photographer for the Peterborough Area. You probably wont have heard of this magazine yet because the 1st issue has only just hit the stands. It's best to get in on the ground floor.
Anyway not only am I their photographer but they've asked me to promote their own favourite acts by giving them gigs at our venues. So in the future we could be a crucial gig to play. This is what I've been striving for... making Peterborough the place to be seen. The music scene here has been really crap for about ... OK forever. But now things are starting to happen. We're making headway. We've got people dedicated to promoting new acts . We've even got our own summer festival. We've got the venues. We have musical talent coming out of our ears. But as always it's baby steps. But it's always baby steps in the right direction . I'm going to have to consider carefully how I'm going to reply to their request for us to host their new acts. I wont do it now because I've been playing myself tonight at a pub and I'm pissed. I just do the covers. So I'm not going anywhere. That doesn't bother me because I never was going anywhere as a musician I was just having fun. Now it's time for me to step back and let the real talent come through and do my best to help them.

rock on dudes


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