Saturday, May 13, 2006

Still Looking

Last year I searched high and low for this next flower, uh huuh! It's a nettle, but it's not a common nettle, it has yellow flowers and is called, rather grandly, a Yellow Archangel. Last night I wasn't even looking for it, just going for a pleasant evenings walk in the woods at Bedford Perlius. There were thousands of them right next to the car park. 
Then in a clearing under some trees this spendid example of a Lords and Laydees, or cuckoo pint. OK these are pretty common actually.  
Meanwhile we have a busy weekend covering The band of the Year semi final tonight and on Sunday heat 9 of the band of the Year. I might be one of the judges for that heat. Oh joy!
Actually I might have to refuse to be a judge because I know some of the bands personally in this heat and I can't afford to be seen to be biased.
Whatever. Rock on dudes. Posted by Picasa


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