Thursday, June 08, 2006

You're doing the right thing

I was showing some friends some archive photos the other day when this picture came up. Of course it's of Abi. But the more I looked at it the more I thought it was a classic. I've taken thousands of pics of Abi but this one is special.
In my new role as music promoter, it wasn't what I intended doing, I've found that there are a million letters to write. Letters of introduction, letters of acceptance, letters to offer dates,letters to confirm dates, letters to thank them for this that and the other, letters to find out special requirements once the date has been set. Letters to give them directions to get here. Then the friendly chatty letters to build up a rapport with the group. It doesn't stop.
The point is I didn't intend to be a music promoter. It wasn't my plan. I was moving toward being a photographer, that was my dream. But this sort of fell into my lap, almost by accident. I booked one band, then another, then another. Then I found venues asking me host shows for them. Offering me their big venues to put on live acts. It's a bit daunting right now. I know nothing. I don't have the confidence that it's going to work. I don't know enough of the industry to know it's going to work so I'm scared. Acts are begging me for gigs. Yes I can give them a gig no problem. But I can't pay them right now. I have to be confident that if I book an act I can fill a venue and make it pay, and that's the problem.

It could mean a quantum leap to the big time. Booking bands like "The Arctic Monkeys". Gambling on a turn out. They aint gonna play for less than £500, maybe more. It could be a four figure sum. It's not like a pub band who will be grateful to get £150 for a nights work between them. I need advice, guidance. I need to be educated in the world of promotion. People already in the bizz tell me it's a piece of piss. It's guaranteed money in the bank putting on bands. I wish I had their confidence. I wish I had their knowledge. At the moment I'm booking desperate bands. That sounds aweful for the bands. But they don't mind that I can't pay them, they just want the gig. But who is going to turn up for an unknown band? Can I charge punters to pay to see someone who is an unknown? No matter how good they are.

Many years ago I worked for a club called "Friars Aylesbury" the guy who ran it is now an international music promoter. He is the agent of Howard Jones and many others. I might be forced to beg him for advice based on the fact I was once one of his loyal workers. It might work. I can use any help I can get. I'm not too proud to admit I know fuck all. I just need knowledge. And knowledge is power. I know I can do this but I need someone to kick me up the jacksee and say "yeah you're doing the right thing".

I'l still keep on taking the photos. Because I love it. But this new twist is becoming really interesting.

Rock on dudes

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