Thursday, May 25, 2006

Heather McVey

I've just got to share this discovery with you guys. You are going to love this girl.

Heather McVey

Click on the link and have a listen to her songs. She's from Cambridge and is a virtual unknown. I can't understand why.
Anyway in my guise as a music promoter.... Oh didn't I tell you I'm doing that as well now... I've done gone and booked her to play at our club.
She sounds like Anni Lennox , someone suggested a smattering of Charlene Spitteri of Texas, someone else said reminiscent of Sinead O'connor, what ever, click on a song lean back in your chair and just relax. You wont hear anything as good as this for a long time.

Rock on dudes (let me know what you think)


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