Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Booking bands

Jaysus it's not easy being a music promoter. I've been trying to book bands and juggling dates and getting the right mix of bands to play for us. Then I turned up at Radius a new venue in Peterborough. I spoke to the manager., he's given me caerte blanche to come and go as I please and all I have to do in return is to bung him a few pics for his website. Here's "Dekadence" 
The lighting at this joint is brilliant, I don't need to use flash which dulls the drama of the shot. It's a trade off, a little bit blurry for more atmosphere.

Bands I've been booking recently have been Dekadence, The Neumes and Heather McVey check them all out The Neumes could be the next Corrs, Heather McVey is another Annie Lennox. So now things are heading forward.
I shant say anymore right now. But things are looking up.

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