Friday, June 23, 2006

It just keeps getting worse.

Since my last post I've had three good friends die on me.
The first was Mick Davies who died Monday night of cancer. He was a musician and a devoted blues officianado. He is the one who put me back on the road to playing live music again. He lent me his Gibson 323. I wanted to play it more than I was scared of playing live. I got applause. I never looked back. Three months ago he was given three months to live. For once the doctors were right on the money and he had exactly that. In that time he bought himself a Dobro. That's the guitar on the front cover of Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms". It cost a fortune but he wanted it. I'm pleased for him for just that.
The other two were brothers Tony and Terry Dixon. Tony was a drummer and such a gentle guy. He was a good friend to me, we spent hours in the pub discussing the ways of the world over beers. His brother Terry was a great guitarist and appeared on stage with the likes of Status Quo. I liked him so much I gave him my Banjo, because at the time I couldn't play it and he could. They died yesterday. They were fishing off a rock on the south coast of Wales and a freak wave swept them out to sea. They both drowned. You may have seen it on the news. They have a brother Rick who is also a friend of mine he is the manager of our local Music shop. He must be devastated. I know how I felt when I lost my own brother to the sea.
It's not been a good week for me. I am being evicted. I have no where to live. My friends have died and my business is falling apart around my ears. I spoke to Abi she gave me a hug and said "Nothing happens for no reason, you have a destiny, it will be alright in the end." I want to believe her, I really do, but right now it's all very dark and confusing.

May your God be with you. Because he certainly isn't with me so he's got to be somewhere. Love you.


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