Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The shit has hit the fan

Oh Fuck! The shit has hit the fan. I've been a none person for the last six and a half years. Today I had a visit from the council. It was a friendly visit. But someone has dobbed me up. I've been stitched up good an proper. They wouldn't say where they got their information but my days of squatting are seriously numbered. My only leaway is the fact that the council visitor knows me and is giving me a few weeks leaway. So now I've got to disappear again. Back into that dark nether world of obscurity. Luckily I've found alternative accomodation very quickly, through my contacts but it's going to cost me. Big style. My playboy life style is going to be a thing of the past. Unless of course I find a new way of making a dishonest buck.

Funnily enough I had a visit from a photographer today who put me straight on a few things. I told him I was not making enough money from photography. OK I'm earning a bit of beer money. But not enough to take it seriously. His answer? I'm not charging enough. He cited an example of someone asking him to do a wedding. He didn't want to do it. So while the going rate is between £400 and £500 he asked £1,500 to get rid of them. They agreed straight away.
I told him that Sony BMG were paying me £450 for a photo shoot of Abi. He just laughed at me. Saying anyone who charges £450 was obviously a joke so they wouldn't take me seriously. I should have been charging in four figures to be taken seriously. Perhaps he's right.

Del and I had a chat tonight. He mentioned wedding photography. I shrank back. But he went on "this is special wedding photography, it's the new niche market". Where the bride has "special" photographs taken for her new husband. Intimate stuff. Stuff that Boots won't print without calling the police first. I said "where have you heard this?"
"In The Times of course."
So that's got to be good then.

I have a friend who works for Motor cycle news and other motor sport related mags who, on the side, makes a killing, photographing special people. Again it's nothing Boots would print without the alarms going off. But he offers a "discreet" service. High quality images. No questions asked. Del assures me this is a money making opportunity. So I have the ability and the skill to do this and Del has the enthusiasm to find the contacts.

I could be forced to go back to being a professional musician. Been there done that. But circumstances change. Again I have the ability but recently not the enthusiasm.Where needs must.

That's our mantra right now, Del and I. "Where needs must." He is in the same boat as me. We need to earn money. We'll sell our souls for rock and roll and indecent photographs. It's sad that it has come to this. But with the CSA breathing down my neck and the council on my case what else can I do?

Suggestions in the comments box at your leisure.

Rock on dudes


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