Monday, June 19, 2006


You know I haven't photoshopped this image one little bit. It's exactly how I took it. It's incredible. So much intensity of colour. I don't do wedding photography. But this Friday I have relented,because it's a special wedding. What we have is a true gypsy wedding. I'm not talking about travellers or pikeys or whatever you call them but the Eastern European Gypsies. I will be picked up Friday morning to be taken to the brides house in time for the groom to arrive to demand the hand of his bride. The father will not let his daughter go without a fight and will draw a knife on the groom. It's scene re-enacted throughout time. The (staged) fight will ensue and eventually the groom will placate the brides father with a huge bottle of Vodka. The brides father, suitably placated will allow the bride to leave the house. We then go on to the registry orifice for the
ceremony and then to central park for the photos. Then dieu volante we finally arrive at Da Rosalia Hotel for the feasting. I'm supposed to be taking paparrazi shots throughout the day.
It's going to be very interesting.
Shortly after that I'm off to the Muddy festival to do my duty as the official festival photographer.

Meanwhile in case you're wondering I'm still working on my eviction from my squat. I have a few irons in the fire. A few options. I don't have much time left. If I don't get out soon I am in "Shit Street" that's just second left off "You're Completely Fucked Avenue". I still need to maintain an anonymous profile. I can't be seen to exist in this world.I have just six months to go before I can return to being legit. But then it's fun being a non person. Why stop now? Rules are made to be broken. I a not your usual 9 to 5 guy. I am not part of the rat race. I don't want to be rich. My sister recently said of me "if you had wanted all this stuff you would have had it. But you don't give a shit so that's why you are where you are." She's lovely my sister.

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