Friday, September 29, 2006

My daughter

So I'm chilling at Unity waiting for things to kick off and batting the breeze with one of the guys. He says to me "That Abi she's really something."
"Yes" I say.
"God she's georgeous."
"I know."
"What I wouldn't give to give her one."
"God yeah. The things I couldn't do with her. I'd take her ....." This is where it gets a little or a lot X rated.
So I sit back in my chair take a long pull on my bottle of Tyske and say calmly "You do realise that's my daughter you're talking about?"
"Whoa! Shit!" He almost went backwards through the wall. Back peddling for all he's worth saying "Well what I really meant was." and "She's a lovely girl I bet you're proud."
Little things amuse me sometimes. Posted by Picasa


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