Friday, October 06, 2006


Our next door neighbour Escort girl has a new customer. He's Mr Lotus Elite owning one very smart black car also known as Mr Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious. Or rather he will be in Lots Of Trouble Unusually Serious if his wife finds out. I used to think it slightly obscene that people could buy a car that costs more than my house. But now with house prices going through the roof that doesn't happen so often. I'll have to change it to "it's obscene when a price of a rail ticket to scotland and back is more than the price of my car". If I can fly to France for one penny albeit with Ryanair, why does it have to cost over £600 for a return ticket to Glasgow? There's something wrong with the system why can't we have Ryanrail. Air travel once the exclusive perogative of the rich and famous is now cheaper than the railway. Why? Trains use less fuel, they can carry more passengers, carry more luggage and stop nearer where you want to be. Yet you still have to be a lottery winner to afford to let the train take the strain. The government want cars off the road, but that's not going to happen while its cheaper to use your car. (and more convenient)

Well that's got my weeks hobby horse soundly thrashed onto one of lifes realities. I played last night at Unity as "The Unity Acoustic All Stars". We did a fuck off version of "Wish you were here". By chrikey we rocked. Haven't has so much fun since the conservatives lost the last election. We made the song last a full ten minutes including our improvised lead guitar breaks and scat singing. We had them jumping onto the stage to sing along into the microphones they were singing dancing and rocking. Brilliant. This is what we want. Oh yes and I did take off my veil before I went on stage.


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