Wednesday, October 04, 2006

TV heaven

For someone who is so vehemently opposed to TV claiming it sucks the life out of your brain, it surprised me when Rory came home with a Skybox the other day. Christ on a bike! The worm has turned. So now instead of 5 channels to choose from we have 700. ALL RUBBISH! Now here's the problem which no doubt you've already experienced. I spent 3 hours flipping through the channels just to see what was there. I can tell you I wasn't impressed. Shopping Channels, american sports channels, religious channels, sexy babes channels, party poker, roulette, home and garden. I found a film channel. The advertising breaks were so long I could go next door get serviced have a cup of tea and still be back in time before the film started again.
Last night the Sky box sat sullenly in the corner, ignored. We played guitar instead. Including our own fifteen minute version of "Wish you were here" which we will perform tomorrow night. We also do a killer version of Angie by the Stones.

The picture? I knew you'd ask. It's Southey Woods at Sunset which is a particularly good time to leave unless you are of a dogging persuasion. Personally I'm not keen on wandering around a carpark with my trousers round my ankles, whilst blue lights flash romantically by your side.

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