Monday, December 11, 2006

The money shot

Today I was out on a job and being a tidy sort of engineer I said I'd put out the rubbish from my job. The bin was in the back garden as I walked out I spotted a stylish leather settee languishing in the rain. "What's the settee dpoing in the back garden?" I asked.
"Oh we bought it then couldn't get it into the flat. It's too big for our narrow doors."
"So why didn't you take it back?"
"The shop was shut."
"But leaving it outside.....?"
"There was no where to put it."
So they left it outside and it rained. It got wet and the shop refused to take it back. They didn't know what to do so they left it for three more days. The upshot of it is I got it for free and our friend Ian is going to dry it out using the industrial blowers for his bouncy castles. Sorted. Now Rory has a leather sette to slob on. 
This is yet another "Queen type" head shot montage. I'll get fed up with doing them soon. Or maybe the bands will just stop asking me to do them, as it will have been done to death. Believe it or not the light came solely from one of those garden stones with a light in. As usual pushing the camera to it's limits. I particularly liked the image of the guy on the left just making it a little different. I knew that was the money shot the second I took it. Posted by Picasa


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