Monday, July 23, 2007

Apocalypse Now

This is my good friend Clare. She's recently shaved all her hair off. When she told me I was shocked to say the least because normally she's quite shy. But we've been discussing her shyness a lot recently and she's come to the conclusion that to combat her shyness she needs "implosion therapy" Hence she cut her hair off so she can't "hide behind it".The funny thing is she doesn't know anything about implosion therapy, she worked it out by herself. Then she says she wants photos to celebrate the new Clare. So I'm thinking GI Jane and Ripley and Apocalypse Now. So we shot a load of stuff based on Apocalypse Now. Not literally but in the spirit of it, with Colonel Kurtz in the back of the mind. I think it worked out quite well. Clare was over the moon with the results.


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