Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's a tough job

I got a call from the magazine. Can I go down to the embankment and taste some beer? It's the Thirtieth Peterborough Beer Festival and one of the biggest in the country second only to Olympia. Although some would argue it's bigger than Olympia. I toddle on down presented myself at the hospitality tent and was sat down at a table where we had to taste 32 different beers. It was hell I tell you. The temptation to order the full pint of more than one of them was terrible. As it was to get through all 32 beers you had to limit yourself to less than a quarter of a pint each. Here's some guys on my table checking out the Premium beer category. I'm standing at the side of the road just minding my own business when this dude in a wheel chair comes scooting along, totally oblivious to the fact he was in the middle of the road facing the oncoming traffic. Never being more than a few feet away from my camera I took this shot. It's hard to portray in the photo but the car coming towards the camera was swerving to avoid him and interestingly the white van behind that was an ambulance.
Issue six of the magazine is coming out soon. We've been working really hard to bring you some quality articles and photos.


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