Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Office Party

Hey ho and a merry Oh. Here's some pics I took at Hinchinbrook Country park last weekend. Clockwise from Top left Fringed Water Lilly, the fruiting body of Lords and Ladies, Water Mint and Branched Bur Weed. I must be getting all important an all cos the other day I got an Email from the BBC asking me who's hot on the music scene right now. I recommended a few band that they might like to put on the radio. So I go to a local posh hotel with m'camera because they're holding the annual staff party with a James Bond casino theme. Four 52inch plasma TV's showing four different James Bond films, white carpet throughout (which went into a skip the next day) roulette table black jack etc walls that change colour it was amazing. Then my friend at the hotel told me the budget for this one evenings entertainment £45,000. How much? Forty five big ones. Christ on a bike just for an office party? What happened to the crate of cheap fizzy plonk and a stack of cucumber sandwiches cut in triangles with their edges curling up as they dry out? They must love their staff. Can you feel the love? How much love can you feel for £45,000? I'm sure it's not a record. I'm sure there's other companies even more daft than that. I would bet there's been a few in the six figure region. If you've been to one let me know.


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