Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mrs Mad Lady

Mrs Mad Lady has just been to see me, as usual screaming about aliens mucking about with her electrickery supply and "them", the people out to get her and put her in prison by wrongful arrest and framing. I told her she had a very exciting life. She wheeled round, faced contorted and screamed at me "Do you think this is exciting? Have you any idea what it's like to have to hide everytime the door bell rings, to have to search your house everyday for signs of breakins and check each and everything in case it's been stolen? Have you? Have you? No you haven't a clue. You don't know, you know nothing. When they come round and steal your round things, and you have to buy another and even though I have power of attorney I can't get the money and they spend the money and I get the aggravation because it's not my fault and they do this to me and the post office has my round thing and they keep on denying they took it and the man from 118 who really should be living in 180 but I've seen him many times at 186 has been stealing from me but the police wont do anything and when they do something they steal from me as well. I've bought three round things in three months I have them on a plate and they should all be in the same place but they aren't because they stole them and now .... what can you do? No you don't know the first thing about round things, how can you? you're ignorant...." she walked out the door muttering something. "Come back when you've less time." I shouted after her. I love mad people.


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