Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I loved my pub so much I bought it

Yes friends it's true. I've been neglecting you and this blog for ages due to all the shennanigans involved in buying a pub. It's been a long old haul but finally we've done it. I say we meaning my business associate and I. I'm not allowed to say the word partner. The idea hatched over many rum and cokes and long conversations that lasted until the small hours earlier this year. Anyway this is my pub.It's quite big with two bars two gardens and a conservatory. So we've got plans some of them on the go already. For instance we've stolen a darts team from a pub that closed for refurbishment. They had to have somewhere to play. We're not giving them back, because they're a bunch of nice guys. We're also making the pub into a premier music venue. With bands on, cover bands Friday and Saturday and original bands on Sundays. It's starting to buzz. With my contacts with the magazine I work for
we're even holding a major charity music event with two stages and fourteen bands in one afternoon/evening. Cool. Lots of publicity and great fun.
One of the drawbacks is the lack of sleep I'm getting. I am rarely in bed before 2:00am and up again to go to my day job (the shop) then after work I'm a photographer for the magazine and in between times I'm interviewing and writing articles and busy being a music promotor booking bands and organising stuff. I'm not sure I have any time left over for just slobbing around. Not that I'd want to anyway. I can't watch TV if I do sit down I fall asleep. So I just keep on going. It's addictive being busy.


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