Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lurching through life

Lurch marches past my gaff,  he's not looking happy. I don't stop him to ask what's bothering him and how can I help, and have you considered bringing Jesus into your heart? I figure if there is a hell he's on his way already and if there isn't, he's already living it. It occurs to me I have never seen him smile. Perhaps he knows there is no escape. His life course is set. It may deviate this way and that way. But he is where he is and that's it.
My man walks past he isn't stopping to say hello. I call him in. He looks disgustingly healthy and chipper.
"I've just seen Lurch" I tell him.
"Oh don't. I had a visit last night. He brought his brother over. Christ you think Lurch is bad, his brother is worse, savage  as fuck. He's just come out of prison."
"What did he do?"
"Murdered a dog."
"A dog? You're kidding."
"Yeah stabbed it with a  kitchen knife because it annoyed him. I think he hurt some other people at the same time who took exception to their dog being killed. Well he's out now and Lurch brought him round mine. They didn't ask if they could come in, they just came in and you don't argue with them."
"What did you do?"
"I made some excuse that I had to go out so I went out round the block made sure they were gone and went home again, sneaked in the back door for chrissakes, my own home, I'm sneaking in the fucking back door how fucked up is that?"
"Is that why Lurch isn't happy? His brother is out of prison?"
"He's never happy. His brother being back doesn't help."
"Anyway where were you going in such a hurry, that you weren't going to stop?"
"Oh fuck I'm meeting a  girl. She drop dead gorgeous."
"Aren't they all?"
"Yes but this one......"
"You'd better get going then. Don't keep the princess waiting."
"Fuck off!"


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