Saturday, August 13, 2016

Playing with the Big Boys

So I'm just wasting time, watching the world go by outside my window, when an Ambulance tears up the road. It stops outside the Smack Crack and Cocaine Emporium and the paramedics leap out. Some dodgy geezer is waiting outside, looking dodgy. Nervously he points to the door of the Smack Crack and Cocaine Emporium. They go in. From this distance I can't see much more. So I just sit and watch from my chair. There's a siren and two Police cars, with flashing lights screech to a halt next to the Ambulance. The dodgy geezer sticks his hands in his pockets and ever so nonchalantly, turns and wanders off. The Police run straight in. They know the way by now. They've hit this place so many times already.
Ten minutes later the Police leave and the paramedics hang around outside chatting with the junkies. They leave as well. I think we'll never know what has just happened. But my man swings by the next morning.
"I s'pose you saw didn't ya?"
"Yesterdays action? What happened?"
"Just some new kid playing with the big boys."
"well he thought he could take it. But some of these guys have been doing this shit for years. They're hardened to it. But of course he wouldn't listen."
"What happened to him?"
"It was close. They couldn't wake him up. He was totally out of it. So they panicked and called an ambulance. He'll live. He wasn't even taken to hospital.  By the time the paramedics got to him he was just about coming round. He's a fucker. Have you seen him?"
"I don't know."
"I'll point him out if I see him. But he's trying to make his mark. But he's just a twat trying to join the cunt squad."
"Well looking at them I can't see the bar being set very high for him to get in."
"No you've just got to be a complete cunt. He's getting there."


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