Monday, August 22, 2016

Moving up the food chain

So the Director phones me up wanting me to send her a recording of one of the songs in my Rock Opera. She's working on Act 2 and needs it pronto.
All my recording equipment has gone since I stopped being a musician to concentrate on being a photographer. I might have to record it on my mobile phone. Hardly a top quality recording. But it might do for her reference. So I guess I'll have to dig out my Ovation and hope my fingers hold out long enough to play. The callouses on my finger tips have long since worn away leaving finger tips baby soft.
Last night she sent me a recording of another song she wrote as a fill in song for the hellish torture scene, she has her daughter screaming in agony in the background to her song based on a standard twelve bar blues riff. The screaming is so authentic I worry for the safety of her daughter. Did  she really torture her daughter for that extra authenticity.
She tells me also she has found the perfect person to play the part of the psychopathic "Doctor" whose main hobby is torture and death. It's an everyday story of everyday folk. Who is this guy? Why is he perfect? Is he himself a psychopathic murderer, who started off life being cruel to butterflies, then moved up the food chain, before becoming an Actor? We'll see.


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