Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Police raid

Suddenly there's a lot of Police outside the Smack Crack and Cocaine Emporium. I spot Lurch their Financial Advisor strolling down the road as he reaches the corner he spots the police van, does a 180 and walks in the opposite direction pulls out his phone and calls someone.
I will have to wait until my man arrives to get the word on the street about this. It's not obvious what's going down but they have this guy dressed in black waving his arms about in a very indignant manner, as if he can't understand why the police would even want to talk to him.
Mrs Slow walks past totally oblivious to all the activity. She's oblivious to most things. Sometimes I wonder if she knows if she is alive or dead. Her body is still moving but I think she died years ago.
My man turns up almost running; he's heard. Someone phoned him. I ask him "what's  happening?"
He doesn't know yet,but he'll get back to me. You know I think he will. For the first time in ages he actually looks like he isn't going to die any second.


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