Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Pulling a pig

You know I was very worried the other night about being sexist. I was with a few friends discussing the past and how we used to play a game called "pull a pig." It was great at the time, messing about with peoples ego's and getting loads of beer bought for us by grateful pigs. But now in a more enlightened PC world I am strangely uncomfortable with the idea. That was until I spoke to M last night. She was telling me about her stalker and the conversation got round to "pulling a pig" and how SHE used to play it with her mates. They would score points on how ugly the guy was, how dorky/geeky, and the most important thing, how many free drinks they could score from their "pig". I never knew girls played this game. But now I do know I feel so much better. There is equality after all. I only hope that in my younger days I wasn't one of the "pigs". So todays question is how many of of you admit to playing "pull a pig" ? and what scoring system did you use?
You can tell I'm not too busy at work today.


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