Friday, April 01, 2005

How much?

Today a friend of mine came to visit me. he's a rep for an Audio company selling HI-Fi equipment. he told me something that amazed me. You know those phono to phono leads 1.2m long they come to us at 56p each we can sell them for £1.50. That's your basic crap standard 12 strand lead. Then you get the 42 strand leads which are pukka, they would cost us £1.50 trade and we'd sell them for £4.00. Customers are very happy. But then you have the Hi-Fi enthusiasts who consider the 42 strand leads pathetic. They demand the best. Gold plated contacts, reduced oxygenated copper wire and silicone shrouded. These are the creme de la creme. You'd have to have the hearing of a bat to notice the difference but what the hey. Us humans don't have such good hearing but the Hi-Fi enthusiasts truly believe they can tell the difference. These fantastic cables cost £60 trade. Yes you read it correctly £60 plus tax trade each. My friend told me that there was a customer of his that sold these 1.2m phono to phono leads for......... wait for it........... £499.00 each.Shit on a stick! How much? £499.00. And they happily pay that much because they are the best. In our shop we sell light bulbs 40p each our customers quibble that they can get them from Tescos for 35p they moan about a poxy 5p. And this guy down south is selling phono to phono leads for £499.00 and the customers don't bat an eyelid. They could pay just £3.50 and get just as good sound quality.He sells 10 a month. Where am I going wrong?

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