Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Over the weekend I went exploring another part of the Peterborough area. I came across this place, Water Newton. There's a lock for boats and it was at this lock I found a new word. "Gongoozler".
This is going to get a bit like call my bluff.
1. Gongoozler: A Person who has drunk too much and vanished from his group of friends.
2. Gongoozler: A person who hangs around locks having a nose at what's going on.
3. Gongoozler: An implement used in the making of moulds for church bells.

Of course you all knew it's No: 2 someone who hangs around locks craning their necks trying to see inside the boats and having a looksee. This old guy in a houseboat after having me open the lock gates for him. Said "Yuh knows what you are boy?"
"Boy? I'm 46 years old." I thought.
"You're a Gongoozler."
"A what? Is that good?"
"Yes boy you're a Gongoozler alreet."
"er... thanks... I think." I quickly left the scene not wanting to be associated with the art of gongoozling in any shape or form. I left the boat man he'd been well and truly gongoozled.
The picture above is Water Newton Mill.

So I did my usual search for wild flowers and took this one that was growing right next to the river. It's a Red Valerian.

My friends richard and Abbi came to the music club last night. They have there last ever gig with their current band this Thursday. The reason? Abbi has just signed a recording contract with a major record label.

Abbi is just too cute for words. I've got to run and have a cold shower now.

Rock on dudes


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