Monday, November 14, 2005

Playing dead in Oundle

Today I went to Oundle to take photographs. I found this in the door way of a church; Graffitti carved into the stone work. Graffitti isn't anything new. You can find it at Pompei in Italy. You find it everywhere. The church itself was built in 1634. So this was carved a short time, relatively after that. There were some kids playing in the graveyard. Suddenly they all fell to the ground as if dead. I haven't a clue why. They just did it. I took the photo.
"You owe us £1" one of the boys shouted.
"For taking our photo." shouted the other. Then they ran away to play dead over grave stones.
Kids eh?
I just had to take this photo.
Look I'm sorry I'm boring you to death with stuff that doesn't involve sex, drugs, rock and roll or violence. But I can tell you that I have found yet another roll of bacofoil on my back door step. Other than that it's been a quiet weekend.

Sleep on dudes


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