Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Birthday girl

So we held our usual music club meeting tonight and it was Tracys birthday. She's not a member but a local at our pub. She was pissed after having railroaded me and several others to buy her birthday drinks. She came into the music room and demanded we play "Happy Birthday" to her. We did in several different keys. Del on drums me Rory and Smashy on guitar. Then I flew into "The letter" gimme a ticket for an aeroplane aint got time to take fast train etc then "California dreaming" then "Summer time" Porgie and Bess. They're all in the same key and make a nice medley. I zapped into "I feel fine" by the Beatles changing the lyrics to "Tracys good to me you know she's happy as can be you know she says so..."Finally I went into "20th Century boy" by T Rex. By this time she was up and dancing with her husband and Railway man picked her up and slung her playfully across his shoulder. She fell. Flat on her back and smashed her head on the radiator. She was out cold for two minutes. She came to in a crowd and started screaming that she couldn't see anything. She is registered blind. But can see a little. I think it's tunnel vision she's got. She called for her husband.
"I'm right here in front of you." he said.
"I can't see you." she cried.
"Oh shit!" we thought.
She was crying. Her husband panicking. We were very worried. Slowly she came round more, she sat up, two minutes later she was on her knees. Another two minutes later she's standing. Her sight came back.
God what a relief.
We went home. Another exciting night

Rock on dudes


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