Friday, December 02, 2005

In The Cold Light Of The Day

So I get up this morning to find my carpark full of police cars and vans. It's the day shift arriving to turn over the Afro carribean grocery. They're already taking out bin bags full of stuff. The press has arrived and a TV crew soon to follow. It's a major drug bust. There's also talk of prostitution but I can't confirm that other than to say that girls wearing next to nothing would habitually sit on the wall (shown top left of photo) in all weathers. "You looking for business mate?" Now these girls aren't your high class hookers. They exhibit more of the "yikes!" factor followed or accompanied by a visible shudder and cringe. I wouldn't touch them with yours,if you know what I'm saying. Scabsville Arizona.

So the police have just been in to inform me of their continuing operation and give me a leaflet that asks "Are drugs harming your community?"
Well not anymore they aint.
WPC Diane came in for a warm. I swear that girl spend more time in my shop than she does out on the streets fighting crime. I'm not complaining for two reasons 1. For a copper she's incredibly cute. and 2 the bad guys will think twice if they see the uniform in our shop albiet huddled over our electric heater.

So that's the score for now.

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