Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Getting old and getting by

I'm getting old. You know when you're getting old when you walk upstairs and when you get to the top of the stairs you've forgotten what you've gone up for. This happened to me today. So I went downstairs again. Sat down at my computer looked around and remembered. So I went upstairs again to fetch something. Another time I was on the phone. I'm always on the phone. I went to our work shop to find the answer to a question. Got waylaid by my assistant manager. Forgot I was on the phone. Then ten minutes later was back in the shop and noticed the phone off the hook.
"Who's on the phone?" I asked. No one knew. So I picked up the phone and said "Hello?"
"You took your time." said a voice.
Oh fuck! Sudden racking of brains trying to remember who was on the phone and why. I talked my way out of it.
Here's another thing that tells me I'm getting old. I always go a particular way when I'm driving to go to see my children. The other day I had to visit a client and found myself ten minutes later on the dual carriage way heading for the childrens house. Instead of the clients place.
Am I getting old or does this happen to everyone?

Del and I were discussing being on stage the other night. Del said you had to have a dual personality to be an artiste. You have your real life personality which is quiet and unassuming but when you're on stage you have to be larger than life. You have to be someone else or it just doesn't work. I find it's the same when I am at work. When customers come into the shop I am not my normal self I am larger than life. On Monday I was in my shop playing guitar for the customers. Taking requests. How wierd is that?

Oh yeah I have a job Sunday. I have a photo shoot for an engineering firm who are building a steel walkway over a bypass. So it's hard hats, High Viz jackets and a camera. My brief is to shoot the photos of their team doing precision work with a high lift crane and a 26 ton bridge section. It's all very industrial and nothing I've ever done before.But it should be a lot of fun. I've just got to flip over to the showman side of my personality. Be confident. Act like I know what I'm doing. It's a bit like being on stage. Confidence is everything. Even when you haven't a fucking clue what you're doing. So wish me luck. I must confess this is not what I expected to be doing. I was hoping more record companies would employ me to take photos of bands. An engineering firm is hardly rock and roll. It's funny how things turn out.

Rock on dudes


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