Thursday, December 01, 2005

East meets West

Tonight at the pub some Asian guys came up to me and asked me if I was still playing in the band. I said "No. But I'm still doing the Tuesday night music club."
"Wow! Can you teach me guitar then?"
"Sure just turn up on Tuesday."
"I don't have a guitar."
"That's OK I have a spare guitar. We'll teach you some basics and go on from there."
"I've got a Taliban. Have you ever played one?" I was sure he said Taliban.
"it's a drum."
Del explained to me later that the Taliban (not the real name and I can't remember what it's really called but could be Tabla) was the drum that made the boing sound in Asian music. They can apparently change the note of the drum by squeezing it. Giving the distinctive boing sound. I'm not even sure how to spell "boing".
This made me think that we could end up with a fusion of western rock and eastern boing. Which would be pretty cool.
All we need now is some dude to turn up with a sitar and we're all made up.
"I know." says my Asian friend, "you teach me guitar and I'll teach you how to play the Taliban."
So next Tuesday, if he's serious, we'll have an East meets west Bangra Rock session.

Del wanted me to officially announce the end of his marriage today on this site. I said I wasn't comfortable with talking about his private life like that. But if you've read the comments you'll probably already have guessed. I still love them both. But I'd not go to bed with either of them. Sorry that's an in joke we have. As usual I will not be taking sides. I'm going to sit on the fence like some wuss. As I say I love them both. But sometimes things just don't work out. I'll say no more.


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