Monday, December 05, 2005

Sick or what?

So I've been working on a sick new game for my children to play over Christmas. It's called Tsunami Monopoly. IN this version of the game all the players start off with an equal amount of Hotels and houses and property sites. As you race round the board a throw of the dice decides how hard the Tsunami hit's your house or hotel and whether they get washed away or not. When you no longer have any property to hide in, you yourself are washed away and are out of the game. But of course you have life lines which are the Chance cards and Opportunity knocks cards. These cards tell you if you get Aid from Oxfam or the Red cross. A card say "Christian Aid has delivered a ton of sand bags to save your house". It could tell you "your Aid has been held up by international border disputes miss a turn". There will still be the "You win a beauty competition card" but that's just because it's so daft and it makes me laugh.
I haven't figured out what to do with the go to jail bit and get out of jail cards. Nor have I got a pass go collect £200 option either.
I don't think this game will ever be commercially available but if you can think of more rules let me know, we plan to be playing this while the ex-wife isn't looking on Christmas day. If you can't be politically incorrect on Christmas day when can you be?

Meanwhile more sick jokes for you in my unashamedly politically incorrect posting for today. Today I have no shame....

The Vietnamese have banned christmas decorations this year they hanging glitter instead.

The MFI group are pulling out of Kashmir because of too much competition in the flat pack market.

Gary Glitter doesn't want his ashes scattered when he dies. He wnts them put into an Etch-a-sketch so kids can keep on playing with him.

Rock on dudes


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