Monday, November 28, 2005

King Rollo and a 26 ton bridge section

This is me and Dave at the Thorney by pass works. I was asked to take photographs of the work being done by N Class Fabrication. These guys make seriously heavy steel works. Like bridges.
I went to the photoshoot this morning for the Engineering company. Unfortunately the health and safety officer wouldn't let me do what I wanted. So I had to contend myself with taking boring shots from a distance and not get right in close to where the action was. On top of that it was bleedin' cold.
This is about as close as I was allowed to get to the high lift crane and the 26 ton bridge section. I was gutted. I had a hard hat an everything. Dave from the engineering company was disappointed too. But he was only one person amongst a whole array of engineers from many different companies working on the project. His company didn't get priority according to the health and safety guy. Oh well. But the bridge is amazing. It's been designed by a university student as part of his thesis. It's the first of it's kind in the world. It sits on floating bearings to allow for expansion and contraction. I don't pretend to understand it all. I don't think my photos are going to be of any use to the company. Because of my restrictions the technical details were too far away to do justice to. I'm going to put it down to experience and leave it at that.

Meanwhile contractual obligations had me going to shoot photos for King Rollo on Saturday night. Friends of mine had warned me not to plan to stay the whole evening. "He's boring as shit." was one comment. "you'll be bored witless." This is a little unfair. The guy is brilliant as a blues musician. The only trouble is not everyone likes hard core blues.

So I turned up, shot a load of pics and left before the end of the first set. I've did my duty. Yes he was technically brilliant. But really much as I love the blues I couldn't stay all night. And actually despite my friends opinions. He's an OK guy.

Rock on dudes


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