Friday, November 18, 2005

Unity Rocks

Well I've been really busy recently that and the fact that the 15th of November has hit me so I'm now officially depressed until 15th January with this S.A.D. thing. As it happens I'm only feeling a little down and not my usual sparkling self so it's not so bed so far. Anyway to keep myself busy I've been continueing to take photos and I've created a new blogsite called. Unity rocks

You can find it here at: it's also linked on the right. It's nothing much right now except a load of photos I've taken. But I guess Richard will be a contributor as well as Shaggy. But it'll develop over time.

Tonight I've a job taking photos of a band called "Doctor A's blues consortium" it's not exactly a paying job except it is. In return for taking photos I get a web site for my business. It's all about barter and you scratch my back I'll scratch your. It works for me.

I've got an upgrade on my music system. Smashy came round today with the latest version of our music data base. We now have 17,000 tracks on our computers. All mp3 files. I've already given him a few thousand more to add to the next issue. So we'll be over 20,000 by the time we all get together to compare notes. You see I'm a member of a small syndicate. We all pool together our resources and swap music. There's just five of us so it's hardly pirating on a grand scale. Oh well I'd better get cracking and go and take some photos.

Rock on dudes


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