Sunday, January 08, 2006

Getting there

Well it's been a busy weekend and I've finally got to shoot the album cover for....... Dr A's Blues Consortium. This isn't the final cover shot, it's one of the experimental shots we tried. You see a CD cover shot should be effectively square. This long line of idiots isn't square, so useless, unless they have a banner over the top of the photo for the cover. Anyway I think the photo chosen is pretty good and I'll reveal that when the album is released. But it was bleedin cold doing that photo shoot. Half an hour earlier it had been snowing and we were all freezing and the guys were trying to look nonchalant and laid back as we froze our collective bollocks off (all except Karin who doesn't have any).
So then Friday night it was down to the pub to shoot these guys...
... "Armitage Shanks" all the way from Hunstanton, Norfolk. They are the nearest thing to "The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band" we've got right now. They played a load of Madness, Spike Jones and Temperance seven covers, so no original stuff then. But it was a great stage show complete with flame throwers and other pyrotechnic effects.
Then last night I was photographing David Bowie. Well not exactly David Bowie himself but this guy who won a TV competition as a David Bowie impersonator...
...Laydees and Gennulman, let me introduce, the one, the only ....
Paul Henderson. OK in this pic he doesn't actually look like David Bowie but he does a good impression. That's Carl Stones in the background on lead guitar. ..
Finally I found this cute little fella was in a grave yard in Thorney near Peterborough, today as I worked on some photos to send to the US of A.

Maybe now I'll get some sleep. OK maybe after I've sent pictures to the paper and written the copy to go with it.

Rock on Dudes


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