Tuesday, January 10, 2006

In At The Deep End

Hay-ulp! I need your assistance. Sometimes you find yourself in the deep end. I've been commissioned to Photograph and write the copy for a story on The Reverend Robert B Jones legendary blues/ gospel singer songwriter who is playing near Peterborough on the 20th January. I got the job because I said what I always say when asked. "of course I can do that." So jumping in with both feet I made claims that I'm not sure I can fulfil. So I am begging you guys if you know anything at all about this "Famous" blues artist let me know because I am going to appear a right twat if I go and do the interview and take photographs and know nothing of the back ground of the guy. Mind you I've got through most of my life so far by making outrageous claims about my abilities and so far I've got away with it. For instance when I applied for my first ever job I was asked "Can you drive?"
"Of course I can." I didn't even have a licence.
"Can you type?"
"Oh yes brilliantly." I could type with two fingers... slowly.
".and it says here you are a keen ornithologist."
"Absolutely." Anything big and black was a crow, small and brown a sparrow and anything white was a seagull. I got the job.

Meanwhile to please Del who hasn't commented in ages,here's a picture I found on the net that will please him no end. You know his preference for the larger laydees... Enjoy and achieve.
Rock on dudes and don't forget I need your help. Posted by Picasa


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