Monday, January 16, 2006

Gloat Mode

Well friends I am in full gloat mode now. I am more chuffed than a chuffed person at a chuffed persons convention. Here is my first album cover. There's more pics on the insert sleeve as well. On top of that I've put the Black Dog back in it's kennel and I'm in full swing again as Mike Da Hat, no more depression, until next year. I know it's not technically light again, but I put it down to my body finally getting used to the lower levels of melatonin due to lack of sunlight.
On another subject I have to thank Mark for his opinions on photography. Today I have been mucking about with photoshop on some of my archive photos and I'm inclined, nay, totally agree with him that some manipulation of the photos is essential to get the best out of your camera. I have been learning so much more the last few days, about white balance, feathering, contrast and histograms and gaussian blurs, that I've changed good photos into brilliant ones. So ignore everything I said previously. I am a changed man. I retract everything. Thank you Mark for putting me straight. I am not too big to admit I was wrong.
And if things can't get any better Del and I have been asked to play the warm up act for this years charity gig at out local pub. OK it's not Madison Square Gardens but it's a lot of fun. The only problem is, who's going to take the photographs if I'm on stage?

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