Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Political Correctness

For Fucks Sake! Can't anyone do anything without political correctness getting in the way. Today I went to "Live Music" to complain about the useless "Elixir" guitar strings they sold me, broke second time I picked up my Ovation. Not good. While I was there, I met Roger, who is opening a big recording Studio in Peterborough. At least five recording studios the biggest being the size of a barn. He invited me to be the resident photographer. Great! My photography career is taking off after only a couple of months. Then he tells me that par tof the business will be "little Jessica", ten years old, doing her Britney Spears demos on kareoke and the parents will want photos taken for Grandma. "No problemo" I said.
Until I got to the pub tonight.
"What you're taking photos of little girls? That's a bit dodgy isn't it?"
I hadn't thought of that. It hadn't crossed my mind and I'm sure it hadn't crossed Rogers mind either.
So Del turned up. He's an expert in this field. He teaches the subject at college. It turns out it's a mine field. You've got to cover your back big time. You've got to go to the police and get clearance to proove you're not a paedophile/ danger to children. You've got to get a certificate. An Enhanced Discolsure Certificate. That costs £60 to £80.
Then you've got to have a form for the parents to fill in giving their consent for you to take photos of "little Jessica" and make declarations that the photos will not be made public and will not be used for any other purpose than what is intended, that is, their own private use. Then you've got the Data Protection Act, where you've got photos of little girls, or boys, on your computer, because they are all digital photos, and that's more grief.
Is it worth it?
You know you can't even video your own childs Christmas Nativity play without someone accusing you of being a pervert. And as for taking cute photos of your own children in the bath... well that could be social suicide.

But I'm gonna be pretty safe in a future gig because I'll be shooting David Bowie AKA Paul Henderson, "Stars in their eyes" winner. Who is so impressed with my photos has asked me t0 shoot his next full Ziggy Stardust tribute gig complete with make up and costume. That's him in make up and costume not me. So I'm looking forward to that.

You know I said I'd been criticised for doing all this work for nothing, that I should have been charging? Well I think it's paying off. I am now being taken seriously as a photographer. My photos are being seen in the press. They are appearing on band websites I have got a lot of crediblity now. People are getting to know my photos are consistently good.

Here's another thing for you guys to think about and maybe comment on. I see these seriously enthusiastic amateurs producing pictures that are quite frankly breath taking.but most of them are photoshop enhanced. I started down that road and very quickly realised that enhancement was not the way forward. I should be taking fabulous pictures in the first place without having to doll them up at a later stage. So now although I have the latest photoshop and all the effects it can give, I shun it. I rely on my own eye for the picture. I rarely, if ever, enhance my photos. You see these breath taking photos, although looking great, don't look real. They are idealised postcard images. I want reality. Crystal clear, focus perfect reality. I'd appreciate your thoughts on this.


Rock on dudes


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