Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Curious Cow

Hello. Here's a shaggy cow that's taking an undue interest in my camera. Before that it was taking great interest in a fisherman which is why I stopped the car and rushed over to take the shot. But said cow lost interest in fisherman and came over to say hello to me. Before slobbering cow spittle all over my lens. Bugger, where's the lens cleaner when you need it?
I took this action shot of a rugby match despite freezing to death and the shutter speed being slightly too slow and maybe the ISO setting too low as well. But I did remember to put the White balance to cloudy. I wonder if there's a setting on my camera for bleeding freezing/I want to go home?

er.. has anyone seen my dog? It's black and answers to the name Satan. I seem to have lost it somewhere. It seems a black dog IS just for Christmas.

Rock on dudes


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