Saturday, January 21, 2006

My Version of the Potters Wheel

So while I think of something intelligent to write, here's a picture of my favourite singer. Or you could go and visit my good friend Robert Swipe and have a read of his comedy blog, it's all lies libel and filth, which is perhaps, exactly what we want. I mean if the idea of Kiera Knightly and a can of Golden Syrup perks you up, then the Swipester is your man. Tell him I sent you.
Or you could go and visit Petite Anglaise I really don't know why I haven't a link to her. I always get to her in some convoluted roundabout way via Zoe then somewhere else. I should just put in a link of my own.
Failing that go and congratulate JohnnyB on the arrival of his new baby girl. Life and times in a Norfolk Village in his Secret Private Diary.
Or you could say hello to anyone on the list of links to the right.
Meanwhile I've done a deal with a glossy mag who are publishing some of my music photos in next months issue.

Rock on dudes


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