Thursday, January 19, 2006

Why I hate Renault this week

So I'm really pissed off with Renault at the moment. I had a nail through my tyre. No problem just get it fixed at Apex tyres. They're very nice there. So I drove my Renault scenic into the bay and wandered off only to be called back a few minutes later with "Have you get the security nut socket?"
"What security nut?"
"The factory fitted security nuts one each of the wheels."
So we searched the car. Found nothing. Went to the car dealer where I bought car. Nothing finally went to Smiths Renault where some smarmy twerp told me the sockets were obsolete.
So I couldn't get the wheels off if I wanted and bloody Renault weren't about to help me, even though it was their own fucking factory fittted security nuts.
Went to City Tyres. More nice people who said "No problem. We'll drill them off, and fit lovely new non security nuts, and fix the nail in your tyre."
I like to think I don't have a problem with the French but at times like this I could be swayed into hating them.
Hope you like the picture it's of the quiet one in the band, Armitage Shanks.

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