Monday, January 23, 2006

World Record Club DJ Mix

I don't think I mentioned this before but for the last few days I've been coverering the World Record Club DJ Mixing attempt by this guy DJ Urb, for the Evening Telegraph. . (His real name is Dominic). He started mixing Wednesday dinner time last week. But early Saturday evening he'd broken the world record of 73 hours continuous mixing. By the time this photo was taken he'd well and truly smashed the world record and got to the 84 hour mark.
I went to see him again dinner time Sunday and while I was there he crashed through the four day mark, 96 hours. Incredible.
At 96 hours when this photo was taken I asked him how long he intended to keep going.
"As long as I can. It's going to get messy. I won't give up until I collapse, they're gonna have to carry me out."
And carry him out they did. After over four days without sleep and being almost continually on his feet he finally collapsed sometime early Sunday evening. It's going to take some beating. Apparently there is another guy in the UK who is planning to beat the record himself. I think he has a serious challenge on his hands.
Meanwhile, Del and I have a problem, this is Del, he's miserable because we've lost our drum machine. You can tell how miserable he is from the photo. So to cheer him up we need someone to send us something so we can lay down a drum track so we can continue recording our latest album.
I'm hoping Mick In the UK, is going to come up trumps or Bromman.
We were using the drum synth on Cake walk but it don't work anymore and I don't know why. So have a heart and get the big fella off my back. Give us some drums.

Rock on dudes


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