Saturday, April 22, 2006

God! I've been tagged

Well I've been tagged by Cherrypie. Should I thank her or not?
Six random things about myself huh?

1. I once hand rolled a canoe whilst holding a pint of beer and not spilling it in a demonstration for Princess Anne. (I almost threw up in the swimming pool, after, in an further act of bravado, I downed the pint in one.)

2. My girlfriends father ran me off their farm at shotgun point. (I was innocent of course)

3. I once won first prize in the Countrylife short story competition.

4. I can not stand being sticky, my worst nightmare is a child running at me with sticky fingers. Funnily enough when the kids were small I could cope with poo, vomit and any other such nastiness, but any sign of sticky and I'd run.

5. I was once summoned to the Headmasters Office for organising Athiest Prayer Group meetings. (The Christians complained that I was taking the piss out of them.)

6. I once chipped a tooth while jumping on a table at a Mott The Hoople gig and fell off. I spoke to David Bowie for ten minutes back stage without realising who I was talking to. (It was dark)


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