Monday, May 01, 2006


I've got posters in my place of work so obviously I got free tickets to Truckfest, or as I like to call it Chavfest. Where overweight tattooed slobs in the string vests walk about in a menacing way. But it's not all like that. I spotted this balloon and sauntered over.
"You mind if I take a few pics?" I asked.
"No go ahead. Who do you work for?"
"The Evening Telegraph."
"Well jump on in."
I jumped into the basket and the guy hit the flame thrower. Brilliant fun. Don't I just get away with murder sometimes.

A limousine crawled through the crowd. I knew the score. After a few minutes on a walkie talkie the minder opened the rear door of the limo and ushered this guy out.
"You can't stand there." a minder said to me. Starting to elbow me out of the way.
"Evening Telegraph" I said standing my ground.
"Oh alright then." his grimace turning to a smile.
I was going to ask who the fcuk this was, I hadn't a clue. I was told it's Bradley Walsh of Coronation Street. Never heard of him. I'm not convinced. Perhaps some of you who actually watch Corrie can put me right. But in my pole position I was able to take this photo. Thank God for the Evening Telegraph and for so many people who will just accept anything I say as the truth.
But this is what "Truckfest" is all about, big trucks. Where's my Yorkie Bar?
But within an hour I was bored rigid with big trucks, motorcycle displays and fun fair rhetoric. "Everyone a winner." So I went to take photos at the next heat of Band of the Year you can see the photos here You will notice I've taken to marking the photos with my name because the bastards blatantly rip off the photos without giving me credit for them. C'est la vie.


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