Friday, April 28, 2006

Charging Top Dollar

Last night was mad, I had to go to photograph a little old lady who had knitted 200 little teddy bears for Charriddy. She was Eighty four years old. So I had her sat on her settee surrounded by these Teddy bears she'd knitted. So why me?
I said "Does she have a spotlight above her head and a low slung Gibson?"
"er... no."
"So why me?"
"There's no one else."
I maintained composure and my demeanour and did the job. Then consoled myself by going to look for Orchids in the deep dark forest. I found them. Here's one of them.
Then it was off to the Solstice for The Battle of the Bands Final. It hadn't started. So I went across town to Unity to photograph Irene Rae, I was there four minutes when the mobile went, it was my signal to high tail it back across town to The Solstice to shoot the first band. Blatted off a few shots and headed back to Unity for the End of Irenes set and the Beginning of the next Sacred heart, two songs in and the mobile went again, this time it was "The gangsters" on stage with a seven piece funk ska reggae band. Back to Unity for "Fake Exterior" a three piece heavy metal band, then back to The Solstice for the final band "The Revenue" youngsters who could have come from the same stable as The Rifles, The Upper Room, Milburn and a few others. Finally back to Unity.
During all this some guy from the BBC came to see me to talk about my photography. He wants to use my pics for the official BBC website. Hmmm so now I'm endorsed by the Evening Telegraph and The BBC. Not bad in just six months.
I spoke to a friend of mine the other day, he's doing very well at his photography. I asked him how come he's managing to earn so much money?
"You've got to find yourself a niche. Then exploit the fuck out of it before anyone else catches on."
"Oh and what's your niche?"
"Fetishists. I take photos of them in their chains and rubber suits and clip ons and costumes and piercings, then charge top dollar for a VERY discrete service."
"Fair enough"
"No I don't do gay. Fairy Stuff indeed."
I wonder if Del wants me to teach him photography.

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