Monday, May 08, 2006

Doing the bizz

It's a varied life as a photographer. What I love doing is taking pictures like this.This is a girl called Bibi who is the singer with a band called Juzzt. She's very nice but impossibly thin. Great singer though. And then...'s my friend James or Jimmy from "Point seven Pistol" doing an acoustic set. But then I've got to do things like this.
A dance club wanted some publicity photos done for the Evening Telegraph,we roped in anyone we could find to boost up numbers. If you look carefully there's some asian lads behind the banner one of them is called Mohammed Ali, like the boxer I think he's second from the right. he's never danced before in his life but who cares, it's a publicity shot, giving the impression of multi ethnicity. Then I get to do what I want to do. These next photos were taken at Hills and Holes, Barnack, near Stamford, last Friday night.
Mark I'm sorry there's no more photos of any big trucks. It's just rock and roll and wild flowers, two completely opposite genres.
And for digigran who said she wanted more domestic stuff here's a bomb shell for you. My son has just told me he's gay. About bleedin time I say. I've known it/ suspected it, for years but he's never admitted as such. He told me he was scared to tell me. Our relationship has been a bit strained recently. Now that's out the way, we can get back to being best friends again. He actually thought I'd have a problem with it. For chrissakes! He's my boy, how could I love him less? I'd be a pretty poor father if I had a problem with that.

You know it's not been a shock to me. I've been waiting for him to tell me for ages. So it's not the bombshell he thought it would be. The thing that does worry me is the fact that he thought I'd go mad and start screaming and shouting, or even worse, hate him. I've a feeling I know how to deal with this. That is be real laid back about it and just act normally. But if you guys have any suggestions of stuff I haven't thought about that would be great. For instance I always used to point out real cute girls who were his age. Now....? I don't feel comfortable pointing out cute boys. Not that I would know what a cute boy would look like anyway. Perhaps I should just shut the fuck up.

Rock on mes enfants


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