Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Poppies dontcha just love them? Things are getting better and then they are just the same. I've taken to gambling. I haven't moved out yet. I gambling on the fact that the city council are pretty damned slow at doing anything. Rory my new housemate has gone to South Africa to see his Kids. So I'm hanging fire until he gets back. He's been gone a week now and another week to go. Then we start looking for a place to live. I'm just hoping that nothing happens between now and then.
Business wise we have a rescue plan in place. Which involved sacking my assistant manager and my mother. UNfortunately mother doesn't know the meaning of the words "You are sacked" and still comes to work despite not being paid. My assistant manager has taken my promise of "a job until she gets another one", to heart, and is taking paid days off to go to interviews. Hmmmmm.
I should be tougher. I should be ruthless. But I never had any ruth to be less of. I'm not a business man. I'll never get a place on "The Apprentice". Fuck that. don't want to be rich. I have no need of mega amounts of money. All I need is enough to keep a roof over my head. My sister has just bought a house for £240,000 it's fabulous.MY brother has a girl friend who is a millionaire. I am supposedly the clever one of the family and I'm living in a squat with nothing. What does that say about me? Well for the girls that doesn't make me the catch of the century. I know you've all been fantasising about me. Rock star & photographer. God how you wish you could get me in bed. But the reality is so different. Yes you can take me to bed but in the morning I'll be still poor. And I still wont give a shit about it.

Rock on dudes


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