Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Taking the rap

"Look there's only so many people in Peterborough. I'll fix your speeding fine get someone to take the points but honestly we're running out of people. So drive carefully from now on."
This is part of a conversation I overheard at the pub yesterday. I wonder how many people do this I'd guess loads. There's money to be made for some people who are prepared to take the rap for someone else. OK it's going to cost this guy big style along with the fine. But what price for your licence? How much is it worth to someone to be able to keep their licence and keep on driving?
Earlier on in the conversation that I was ear wigging, "...even if they take away my licence I wont stop driving. I can't afford to. It's my livelihood. I'm fucked if I can't drive."
"You're fucked if you do. What happens if you have an accident, your insurance will be worthless."

So we've found a house and it looks like my days of squatting are nearly over. I'll become a normal person living in a normal house, in a normal cul de sac. The interesting thing is I could have rented a squalid flat on the top floor of some derelict property due for demolition by myself for £300 a month. But I've got a whole house in a nice area for £490. That's split between two of us my musician friend Rory and me. On top of that we've been asked to rent out our garage to someone for £100 a month. So now it's only £195 each a month. Result.


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