Saturday, December 16, 2006

Party Politics

Laydees an Gennulmen I give you The Playful Rays. A finer bunch of girlies you couldn't hope to meet. They're all about 16 and play in a punk pop band. I've virtually all but given up using the flash gun at gigs. I take the shots on speed priority and they all come out black initially, but then I photoshop them and get this grainy effect then it's a matter of playing with the colours.  
Tomorrow I'm on a photoshoot for the local party candidate. I shant say which party in case I get hate mail for having the wrong politics, which I haven't because I have NO politics. Anyway I'm going to be following him around taking shots as and when I see fit hopefully putting together a portfolio of pics for his campaign. Look it's a job! OK? Posted by Picasa


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