Thursday, August 12, 2004

It can't be useless, I paid good money for it!!!!

Here's one of the most useless purchases ever. Aged parent bought a thing you put in the sink to collect the bits so it doesn't block the u-bend. It's circular and has lot's of holes in it. I think it's called a sink strainer. Anyway she does the washing up and empties the bowl safe and secure in the knowledge that her sink strainer will collect all the stray bit's. Well whaddya know? The damn thing floats. And all the bits went down the plug hole underneath the strainer and the sink plunger had to be got out again. Now what twat came up with that one? How many thousands have they made? It's useless and it's in a store near you, right now.
But I'm sure you can find something even more useless to spend good money on. Let's hear about it. Share with us. Warn the world. Be alert. Your country needs lerts.
Rock on.


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